Punk Strut The Movie

Kevin Short (the original creator of EMI’s classic record Punk Strut)
Richard Gibson (Herr Flick in BBC’s ‘Allo ‘Allo)
Charles Baillie (BBC’s The Enigma Files)
Fiona McArthur (Agatha Christie’s Poirot)
Richard Barnes (of classic records ‘Take to the Mountains’ and ‘Go North’)

Christine Kimberley (BBC’s House of Eliott)
Claire Lewis (Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire)
Thea Ranft (Empire of the Sun)
David Bedella (Olivier Award Winner ‘Jerry Springer - the Opera’)

Jim Carter (Downton Abbey, BBC’s Cranford, The Golden Compass)
Sylvester McCoy (former BBC’s Doctor Who)
Phil Cool (BBC’s Cool it)
Dominic McHale (Bridget Jones’ Diary)
Charlie Harper & UK Subs (the vintage British Punk band)
Georgina Baillie & The Satanic Sluts (2010 Burlesque Group)

John Otway (the two-hit wonder – ‘Really Free‘ and ‘Bunsen Burner’)
Wild Willy Barrett (Headbutts and Sleeping Dogz)
The Mekons (classic band of ‘Where were You’ fame)
Sal Elvis Bashir (Britain’s only Pakistani Elvis tribute)

Simon Webb (Music for Sport and A Leap into the Light)
Les Davidson (You Tube’s The Caged System)
Gary Twigg (Bassist with Francis Rossi of Status Quo)
Jimmy F Copley (Manfred Mann's Earth Band)